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  1. There are limited spaces for each workshop. Bookings therefore can only be made online and it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure all information provided on the application form is correct. ANY CHILD CAN TAKE PART.  We are supporting parents and carers who are living with cancer. Connecting Sound understand the impact coping with cancer can have on a family financially. We therefore provide free classes for children who have a parent, primary guardian or sibling currently undergoing treatment.​  We do not ask for donations but kindly ask that you spread word of who we are to anyone you think can benefit from our service.

  2. Detailed information on any allergies, medical conditions or additional needs of the person attending must be provided. 

  3. Any information you can give us about your child in advance is extremely helpful.  Such as social/behavioural problems or learning delay.  Each class is tailored to the needs of all individuals and materials and teaching devices are planned in advance to ensure a high quality standard of experience for all involved.

  4. No persons will be allowed to attend Connecting Sound without completing an online application form prior to the event.

  5. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to collect the participant after the workshop. Please inform Connecting Sound staff who their child will be collected by. A contact number for the person responsible for collecting your child must be given to a member of our Connecting Sound team.

  6. Cancellations - Please inform us if your child can no longer attend at least 7 days in advance as there will be a waiting list of participants.

  7. Expectations of behaviour - Our classes are fun, interactive, wholly inclusive and safe!  It is imperative all persons attending Connecting Sound behave in a respectful and acceptable manner.  Any concerns about behaviour will be brought to the attention of the parent/guardian responsible. The standard of behaviour which is to be regarded as unacceptable at Connecting Sound shall be determined by Connecting Sound.

  8. Inform us if your child is not able to take part fully and independently in the activities we offer, and understand that we do not operate a 1:1 child to staff ratio.  Please consider when you book if this environment will meet the needs of your child and let us know immediately by email if we can put a strategy in place or indeed if you do not give permission for outings for your child.

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