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Our Impact

"My son has a diagnosis of ASD. He can be quite shy and finds new people and crowds difficult. Not in this instance. In short, he loved it and thrived on the whole experience. I can't explain the confidence he took from this experience was amazing and he has absolutely thrived as a result. As parents who understand my son and the struggles he has, we were so proud of him and can't thank the team enough for their help and would not hesitate in recommending this for any child. They cannot wait for the next class!"

"My daughter , aged ten, took part in Connecting Sound 2019. It was a fun, positive experience for her and she reported she felt it was a safe place to try stuff out, express her creativity and laugh a lot.  She was very taken with the helpers/tutors and found them to be kind and very patient with all the children.  They were very welcoming to us all and great at giving feedback." 

"Having Connecting Sound available to our daughter was valuable to our whole family group. I have secondary breast cancer and my child was given a place without us having to pay. It was also valuable to be in a place where there were likely to be other children whose parents had cancer. Although cancer was not a focus of any activities, and that's perfectly appropriate, it was a place where they may meet someone of a similar age who understood what they are going through and feeling just through their own little chats."   

"There is very little available for children whose parent has cancer.  I feel that my child expressing herself through music is a great way for her to release some emotions that she may not yet be able to understand or articulate due to being so young. I noticed her having a sense of achievement after the experience.  She really liked the feeling of belonging and team work. It was a safe space with music as a means of self-expression. A truly valuable experience for any child, and especially those who may have quite a bit more to deal with in their young lives." 

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