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Connecting Sound use music and songwriting as a creative tool to help children express their thoughts and emotions. Sessions are not cancer focused. Our team of professional facilitators have created a safe, supportive, fun environment where kids can meet like minded individuals and perhaps overcome any fears or anxieties they might have of meeting new people.  Participants do not need any previous musical experience; there is something for everyone to try.


Connecting Sound began as a pilot project in 2018 

The first workshops took place with help from kind members and donations from friends and family of Connect Contemporary Choir, Glasgow alongside support from the Glad Foundation, the Scottish Youth Theatre and Maggie's Centres. Following the project's successful launch, Creative Scotland were able to further facilitate two summer projects for young children aged 8-11.  These were successfully delivered pre-covid.


Each year in Scotland 29,000 people will have a new cancer diagnosed and at any one time around 150,000 people may be affected.  Currently there is little support in place for children coping with an ill family member.  Children of different ages will cope with their parent having cancer in slightly different ways.  For many young caregivers, it can impact their mental and emotional health resulting in separation anxiety, social isolation and depression. 


The physical and emotional effects of cancer on individuals are widely recognised and we understand the far reaching financial implications a diagnosis can have on families.  

Research carried out in 2015 by MacMillan Cancer Care shows that "45% of people with cancer are taken by surprise by the extent of the financial impact of their diagnosis. Living with cancer can leave people struggling to make ends meet and relying on short-term financial solutions."

At Connecting Sound our aim is therefore to support families by providing free creative music workshops for children who are living with a primary carer currently unable to work due to ongoing treatment.

Connecting Sound offers a safe space for young individuals to unite through shared experiences.

We aim to improve and impact young peoples lives through access to expressive music making.

CONNECTING SOUND is part of The Scottish Government’s Youth Music Initiative (YMI) which is administered by Creative Scotland. The YMI creates access to high quality music making opportunities, enables young people to achieve their potential in or through music and supports the development of the sector for the benefit of young people.”

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